laser land leveling system – DAL 5000

laser land leveling system – DAL 5000

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laser land leveling system

DAL Series – Laser Land Leveler that brought to you by us is ideal to be utilized for leveling the uneven surface. The smooth hydraulic system and ideal dimension leveling equipment work together to make the ground perfectly flat. The entire body is fabricated from fully reinforced metal and yellow color coating to make its impact bearing strength and corrosion formation resistance excellent. This is easy to move from one point to another, as it is featured with six solid rubber tires. In addition to this, the proposed DAL Series – Laser Land Leveler has an ergonomic design, and upgraded mechanisms that guarantee its longer working, and low upkeep need.


Specification :

Leveler Type Tractor HP Cutting width Overall length Leveler transportation width Weight at drawbar
DAL3000 90+ 3000mm 4.5m 2.5m 30%
DAL4000 110+ 4000mm 5m 2.5m 30%
DAL5000 150+ 5000mm 5m 3m 30%
DAL6000 180+ 6000mm 6m 3.5m 30%


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